Breaking News from the C-town Gazette …

Mom and dad made the trip to Omaha this week. There were some signs that dad’s mesothelioma was starting to come back and his doctors wanted to check it out.

Looks like it IS back.

He had an MRI and a consult. They saw it was back and the doctor wants him to have the same surgery he had last time.

The good news is the last time he had the surgery, he was riddled with it. I was really scared we were gonna lose him. He looked like death warmed over and didn’t feel much better. This time, yes, the cancer is back but not nearly as bad as it was. The doctor was extremely optimistic because the procedure worked for four years. FOUR YEARS! We really thought it was a miracle.

This time, he doesn’t feel bad, relatively speaking, and doesn’t seem concerned at this turn of events. The doctor is optimistic also. So much so that dad doesn’t have to take any meds or go through any chemo before the next procedure.

They are on the way home and should be back Friday. The doctor plans to schedule the surgery sometime in March, if I heard mom correctly. He’s a tough old bird. He’s beaten prostate cancer and mesothelioma once. I have no doubt he will whip this again.

Still, cancer sucks schwetty … well, you fill in the blanks here, but if you could pray, sacrifice a goat, play the collected works of Tiny Tim while juggling lawn tools or just send your particular type of good thoughts on his behalf, it would be appreciated. Thanks for listening.

Next post? T.C. talks tech! (How’s that for alliteration?) See ya soon!