The Doctor is in …

I have been a Doctor Who fan for years. I know. Nerdy-Fanboy alert. Whatever. I admit it, I’m proud of it, in fact, I OWN it and wear it with pride!

It started with Tom Baker. He was the fourth Doctor and also the actor who held the role for the most seasons. (He’s the one with the loooooong scarf.) I guess I was flipping around one day and landed on PBS. During their money-grubbi … er, membership drives they always played Doctor Who and as Tom Baker was the most popular (especially in America) his were inevitably the episodes they showed.

I noticed they NEVER show the Doctor outside the membership drives and that really ticks me off. Ah, but that’s another post.

So there I was, a Doctor Who fan with very little chance to indulge myself. I was resigned to that and just went on with life. I never watched any of the other Doctors (we are currently on the 11th version) and didn’t really care to learn anything about them. Tom Baker was all I needed.

Ah, but THEN … THEN that technology that we talked about yesterday came into my life and showed me the light. It was like I had been living amongst the Morlocks and Guy Pearce came along and brought me to the surface.

I was kicking around Netflix a while back and came across the new Doctor Who series. They rebooted a few years back after being off the air for a while. There were 69 episodes online and I thought to myself “Meh, why not?”

Big mistake. I got sucked in like a sailboat in a whirlpool. I was hooked from episode one and have to tell you that I have watched every available episode since. I even scratched around the intertubes and have watched all the Christmas and other special episodes. It’s like crack … Except I don’t have to leave the house to get it and where I get my fix is a much nicer, and more comfortable, neighborhood.

Another thing about it? It’s like a gateway drug. Like crack leads to meth, Laverne leads to Shirley and the yellow brick road leads to the Emerald City, Netflix has led me down the dark, rocky path to the depths of addiction. I speak of Amazon.

I have a sonic screwdriver (the 11th Doctor’s) and just ordered a frameable poster of an exploding Tardis. I’m afraid a levitating, spinning Tardis; a Bowtie and fez combo; and possibly a Dalek and a couple of more screwdrivers may find their way into my shopping cart.

But it’s okay, right? I mean I can stop anytime I want … I just don’t want to, right? I go to work and function okay. I pay my bills on time. Sure my cable bill has gone up a bit since I ordered the expanded package that includes BBC America, but it’s cool. I’ve got everything under control, right?

Everybody writes Rose Tyler to apologize for her being trapped in an alternate dimension and ask her how the Doctor is, right?

And besides, bowties are cool, right?


The Electric Slide

I am in technological heaven! Think about it. Remember watching The Jetsons when you were a kid? Or Dick Tracy? Okay. So we don’t have the flying cars … yet … but, I’ve got more computer power hanging on my hip than it took to launch the Apollo missions. How cool is that?

I do my work on a pair of computers and electronic gear fills my workspace. I punch a few buttons and find the answer or solution to any question I might have. I mean, my phone will literally help me hide a body if I ask her! Again, how cool is that? I KNOW! RIGHT?

Bored in the doctor’s waiting room? Well if there isn’t anything interesting on their 55″ HDTV, I can pull out my tablet and dial up “Despicable Me” or the latest episodes of “Doctor Who.” I could even pull out my smaller tablet and read a few more chapters of “The Hunger Games.”

I bask in the wonders of the world I inhabit. But I worry sometimes too.

I’m sure you are aware that the Mayan calendar runs out this year. Yep! The end of the world is supposed to hit December 21st of this year. I joke a lot about it, but there is another theory that goes with the legend. What if it’s not the end of the world, but just an end to life as the way we know it?

Do you ever think about how deeply we are in the thrall of all the technology that surrounds us?

Imagine with me What would happen if a rogue regime like North Korea, Iran or Venezuela or a terrorist group like al Qaeda either alone or as allies were able to set off a series of EMPs over center regions of the U.S.?

We would be screwed. Period. Game over.

The electric grid would be knocked out and even if you had a generator that worked, what would you power with it? Okay, the refrigerator, stove, lights, air conditioning … those would work, but your cell phone? Shot. Ditto all the computers that run your car. (God help you if you drive a Volt or something similar.) No e-mail, no Internet, satellite T.V. or cable, no radio … Starting to get my drift?

Could people raised in the era of MTV and Netflix survive in conditions like they were in the ’20s and 30s? I’m not sure many could. I think older people (by that I mean the generation before mine) could. I also think that rural America stands a better chance of survival than someone raised on the urban streets but it would still be a hard row to hoe for all of us.

Am I terrified at the thought? Not really. But just in case I’m gonna take the CDCs advice and prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. Maybe raise a few chickens, grow a small garden, grind my own meat, make my own sausage, stock up on water and non-perishables, weapons and ammo … just some small things. Cuz you know, if you’re prepared for Zombies, you’re really prepared for anything.

I’ll really miss watching “The Walking Dead” but, hey, I’ll be living it, right?