The decline of civilization continues …

I’ve been having a few problems with my truck lately. It started overheating toward the end of the frigid weather we recently had. I finally figured out that a freeze plug had rusted through. It was just a pinhole but did a pretty fair job of emptying the radiator after it developed pressure. With the help of a great mechanic,we fixed that problem.

It still occasionally overheated. It never really got EXTREMELY hot. No more than about 230-240 degrees according to the gauge. It’s got to be the thermostat sticking. I went to the auto store to get a new one and started preparing to install it today when I noticed … there was no gasket included with the part! A quick call to NAPA to ask about it and I found out they don’t include the gasket anymore. You have to buy it SEPARATELY! Since when did THIS happen? I realize it;s only 58 cents, but c’mon! It’s a stupid gasket! Civilization, as we know it, is DOOMED!


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